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Ramon Rhymes

We know contracts. At ContractsRx we solve complex contracting issues for businesses of all sizes.  We start with a simple notion: contracting must be fast, reduce risk, and be repeatable.  We built the ContractsRx solution with this in mind.


We didn’t start with a document management system adding bells and whistles to try and make contracting easier like so many other solutions.  We built a system that solves everyday contracting problems that every business experiences – everyday.


Contracts by Transaction – The Few to Many Problem

The fact is that a  few legal and contracts professionals will always fall behind the demand of the many sales and procurement professionals needing to get deals done.  And no matter how big the deal is, the economics of deal-making simply don’t support the cost of contracting on a transactional basis.


The Systemic Answer

Build a contracts process that delivers repeatable transactions based on risk models developed by the few and used by the many and update the risk models iteratively.


Build it Once – Use it Often – Improve it always.

That’s the promise we make at ContractsRx.


We’ll help you build a contracting process you can actually use.


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