Healthy Contracts Require

a Holistic Approach

Business Agility Group, Inc., dba Contracts Rx

Contracts aren’t a destination, they’re a journey

Creating consistently healthy contracts starts with a healthy contract ecosystem.   Each step in the continuum needs to be designed to reduce friction in the overall process. At ContractRx, we build tools that remove friction in business contracting from start to finish to start again. We help you identify the terms that drive value, and the terms that introduce risk to the health of your deals.  With over 40 years of contract negotiation and management experience, our team of attorneys and paralegal-trained contracts and deal managers live the problem of getting business deals done.


This powerful contract summary engine searches your repository to create contract summaries of your signed contracts. TheSumTracts solution features a timeline of all contracts with the same party so you know where the current contract fits in your overall contracting relationship.The SumTracts deal summary provides a heat map of key information about each agreement so you can quickly target risk spots.


Legal Checklist meets Sales Playbook!

The MARQup tool helps drive consistency in the contracting process by providing a digital map of the key contract terms important for your business, assigning a risk value to each term and providing a health score of your overall deal. By using a model of your standard deal, you reduce the time, cost, and risk in making new deals–when you know where you’re going, you get there faster.

ClickTractsSM and PayTractsSM SOLUTION


The ClickTracts SAAS tool enables you to quickly create and sign web-hosted contracts.  You can add variables for unique contract terms and track electronic signatures. A fully searchable dashboard lets you find signed agreements fast. The ClickTracts solution also provides reusable templates so you build it once and use it often.  **NEW** We’ve made the ClickTracts solution even more powerful with the addition of our PayTracts feature.  Now, you can collect payment card payments as part of the ClickTracts contracting process at the time of contract signature.  With the PayTracts tool, you no longer need to run down payment for your contracts – it’s built in!